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Sprites don't consider parent's position?


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I've been using sprites but they don't seem to following the normal rules of being based off the parent objects position?


I've made a quick example here to illustrate:



Essentially the case seems to be:

• A sprite can have another sprite as it's parent, but won't incorporate the parent's position

• A sprite can have a mesh as it's parent, but won't incorporate the parent's position

• A mesh cannot have a sprite as a parent

• A mesh can have a mesh as a parent, and the child correctly follows the parent


Is this correct? I was under the impression all objects with position should follow the parent:child positioning?

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Probably not, I just assumed sprites would have a parent property like lights and cameras etc. so was a bit confused (I should check documentation more in future)


My reason for asking was to add a sprite-based health bar to a unit (with the sprite cells offering a convenient way to set the health level with some nice 2D graphics). I think the best option will be to switch to using a plane and write a function to select the image 'cell' with U/V offsets/scales.

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