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Skilled html5 game programmer needs work asap


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Hey, I'm an experienced programmer looking for work making html5 games.


I usually make my own games and try to make money selling to publishers, but I'm in a tough spot financially right now and I need to make money quick, I can't wait months to get paid by a publisher.


I'm looking for any job that I can start asap and that I can get paid on as soon as I'm finished. I like working with phaser andeck  I'm really good with it, so I'd prefer a job that allows me to work with phaser but I can do other jobs if necessary.


Also, I'd prefer not to have to do any art but I can make decent 2d graphics if necessary. When I get on my home computer later today I'll post some pictures of my art from previous html5 games I've made.


I'm in urgent need of money so I will work VERY quickly, spending many hours each day on your project until it's done. I'm also willing to work relatively cheap, I don't have time to seek out the best paying job right now and as long as I make enough to get me by until I receive payment for the last couple licenses I sold I am okay. **This is an opportunity to get a professional developer to develop your game very quickly!**


email me at [email protected], or respond/message me on here to talk more. Looking forward to hearing from you!


-Maurice N

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Hi Maurice,


I'm looking for help with doing particle effects for a 2d side scrolling game that I'm working on. The codebase is coffeescript and pure html5 canvas (no rendering frameworks at this point.)


There's a lot of work to do but initially what I'm interested in is creating weapons and particle effects, very similar to what is here:  http://www.gridsagegames.com/blog/2014/04/making-particles/



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