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CSG union rendering problem


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I am just starting to experiment with BabylonJS and I tried to create a simple CSG union of a box and rotated cylinder. However, after applying the same material to the resulting mesh, it looks different from the two original meshes.


You can find the scene here:




The original seperate meshes are on the bottom while CSGs are on top. As you can see, without rotating the cylinder, CSG and original look the same (left).


I would be very grateful, if anyone could give me a hint as to what goes wrong (or rather what I am missing) here.




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Wow, thanks for the quick fix. It seemes to work now in playground.


But while we are at it and I really like those CSGs ;) , here is my next problem:




Again CSG on top, single meshes on bottom. You can comment out individual meshes from the union to get different results. E.g., if you remove the backRight sphere everything looks as expected (except for the minor difference (top vs bottom) in reflection from the backLeft corner).

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