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Remove object in group after delay?


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I already know how to destroy a group object when it collides with something else.  However, I can't seem to find a way to delay the destruction of the object after the collision.  The following code works for instantly destroying the otherThing in the otherThings group that the thing object overlaps:

game.physics.arcade.overlap(thing, otherThings, removeOtherThing, null, this);function removeOtherThing (thing, otherThing) {	otherThing.destroy();}

What I want to do is delay the destruction of the otherThing object by an arbitrary amount.  I can't seem to find a way that works, though, with the methods I've tried so far returning errors.  Help would be appreciated!

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Just off the top of my head (I'm kinda' new to the phaser world), but want to be active in the forums (this forum needs a little more activity)...  what if you set up something like (pseudo code of course)


if you create a var to hold the time delay


var timer = new timer


a var to hold the otherThing that needs destoryed


var destoryMe = null;


Then in the "removeOtherThing" function you


destoryMe = otherThing

timer = gametimer + ARBITRARY AMOUNT


Then in the update function you


If(timer >= gametimer && destoryMe != null)



  destroyMe = null;




Now, like I said, I'm kinda' new to this, so Phaser may have a function that does all of this, but mayber this can give you a place to start.



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