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How to deal with pixel ratio and PIXI.Text ?


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Thanks to the amazing v2 of PixiJS, managing devicePixelRatio has become a lot easier.


However I'm still not very sure of how everything works and I'm wondering how I should deal with my PIXI.Text ?


If I have a DisplayObjectContainer, on a retina display (ratio = 2), can I draw a text, let's say 16px height, into a 8px "retina" height ?

I know how to do it with PIXI.BitmapText, it's easy because I only have to load a [email protected] BitmapFont and it works fine. But what about classic text ? 


Thanks a lot !




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"every text looks blurred on mobile device because of this"

Maybe that's caused by automatic scaling of canvas element?

I use this code to work around that:

<head lang="en">......    <meta id="viewport" name="viewport">    <script>     var viewportScale = 1 / window.devicePixelRatio;    document.getElementById('viewport').setAttribute('content', 'user-scalable=no, initial-scale=' + viewportScale);     </script> .....     appWidth = document.body.clientWidth;    appHeight = document.body.clientHeight;    renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(appWidth, appHeight); 
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Thanks for the help, but no, the "blurry" thing is normal, because PIXI create a texture with a resolution of "1", then scale it to the current resolution.


What I need to know is how to create a Text texture with the correct resolution.

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Thanks to jagi on github for helping me :


PIXI.Text is the only DisplayObject that I know of with his own "resolution" property.


So you need to set the resolution to your actual device pixel ratio everytime you create a new PIXI.Text object.


var highDensityText = new PIXI.Text("PIXI's great !");

highDensityText.resolution = yourDevicePixelRatio;

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