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Mobile ADS (mopub / admob) how do know if it really works?


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my ads show up in my game when i test it..   i currently have a crosswalk version with an admob plugin and a cocoonjs version with the mopub integration where i added admob as network.. i have two adunits (banner/interstitial) and my app added.. i also connected mopub to my admob account to see the revenue..  


first thing that came to my mind..   cocoonjs launcher showed fullscreen adds in a very cool way (3d slide in from the side) and the moment i added admob the just appear suddenly.. ???

where were the first ads coming from? 

how does mopub know MY admob account (the admob ads worked before i connected my admob account to mopub and afaik this is only necessary to see the revenue) - but i guess they need to connect to my admob account because somehow my ads should get counted there ... right?  


no impressions or klicks show up when i test my app in the launcher.. is this limited to compiled apps only? (would make sense ^^) 



EDIT:  great ..  the ads don't even show in the compiled app... but they do when running in the cocoonjs launcher..  :(

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well...  my browsers adblocker blocked me from even seeing the setup options for admob in mopub .. lol


i now configured mopub with my two ad id's from admob and it "should" work now.. but it doesn't .. now the ads don't show in cocoonjs launcher AND in the compiled app so i clearly did something wrong in the configuration panel although i did everything according to the tutorials/manuals..


but befrore that mopub logged 26 requests with 0 impressions (i guess because admob wasn't connected mopub couldn't count imressions)..  so i now know how to find out if it's working.. i just was confused because there seems to be a huge delay between the ad and the logging of the ad in mopub.. so the answer is simple .... "wait long enough" :)  and the other thing..  a question for another thread :/

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