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pickedPoint is null even though pickWithRay finds heightmap?


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Hi all,


I am trying to find the intersection of a ray with a height map in order to be able to place point sprites at various locations on my height map.  I have read the various forum postings on the subject and I believe I have everything set up correctly.  My heightmap is 100x100 with 50 subdivisions and is called "ground".  When I call scene.pickWithRay in the function below I *do* hit the ground and I do have a pickInfo object - however the  pickInfo.pickedPoint object is always null.  Have I made a mistake somewhere?

Map.prototype.createPointSprite = function (scene, spriteManager, name, x, z) {                       var spritePosition = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 10, 0);            //Shoot a ray to get height of map at required sprite position            var ray = new BABYLON.Ray(spritePosition, new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -1, 0));            var pickInfo = scene.pickWithRay(ray, function (item) {                if (item.id == "ground")                     return true;            });                        //Only place a point sprite if our ray hit the ground            if (pickInfo != null && pickInfo.pickedPoint != null) {                var sprite = new BABYLON.Sprite(name, spriteManager);                spritePosition.y = pickInfo.pickedPoint.y;                sprite.position = spritePosition;            }                    };
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