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need a designer/ developer/ somebody with great ideas


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Hi All,


So I'm at the starting point of creating  html5 multiplier game based on melonJs + socketIo + mongoDB.

Game is going to be completely Free, completely opensource(MIT), and I hope it will bring some light to our life's :) 

I'm myself is going to be a js developer of the  game and so I really need somebody who will help with the designs,

and just to make a project be done a little faster and have more people having fun developing it I would love to hear from developers as well.


Anyway please let me know you thoughts about the game-scenario(description below).  And feel free to contact me for any details.



  • 5 players start at the same time at the different locations of a mysterious dynamically generated island(filled with some nasty creatures to fight)
  • There are 4 different characters you can play for:
    1. Archer (can shoot, bad in the close fight, not too good in surviving skills(low health level), middle running speed) 
      Special skill: simultaneous shoot(very fast and twice as strong arrow shot)
    2. Barbarian(good in close fight, middle surviving skills(middle health level), fast running speed) 
      Circle attack(attacks all the surrounding creatures at the same moment)
    3. Sumo wrestler(very good in close fight,great surviving skills(huge health level), very-very slow) 
      Can jump in the air and move all the surrounders away on the landing
    4. Healer(can heal surrounders) 
      Can heal himself
  • There are 5 levels of experience when you reaching those levels your skills level will grow.
  • There is a treasure in middle of the island which is protected the way that you can not get it by yourself(daemons protecting it are too strong), but you can with the help of your partners in the game. The treasure have some artifacts which will help your skills grow waay faster...
  • There is 5.5 minutes timer after which THE DAEMON with huge level of all skills arrives and tries to kill everybody on the island in 1 minute 10 seconds.
  • The power of DAEMON is associated with summary power of players(if one of the players drop of, power of DAEMON goes down)
  • On the 3.33 minute of the game one of the players(the option will be available to everybody but the space will be taken by the first player who will make a decision to flip the sides...) can make a decision (he will receive good skill bonus) to be on evil side of things and help THE DAEMON kill your partners in the fight, or stay on the white side of things and prepare for the fight with THE DAEMON.


BTW I'm going to write all progress going on with the game and some more details at my blog: web2u.org/blog

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sounds like an interesting project.

I haven't built any games myself, and have just started to get into game design, so my opinion really doesn't hold any weight :) but I'd like to chime in because it sounds really cool:



The game sounds fun, but the last point about going on the daemons side seems like it could be even more interesting.



-What is the benefit of being on the daemons side? If you kill everyone will you get all the treasure?


-If you are on the good side, and you win all the treasure, does it level up your skills for the next battle? Or is this the end of the game?


-What about lag with online multiplayer? If it is a speed contest to go on the daemons side, it might seem unfair if you choose very quickly, but lag prevents you from going on the daemons side.


- It brings up very interesting questions about morality and good and evil. Choosing to be on the dark side and killing your friends can be fun, but I think most people will want to fight the daemon together.


-I was thinking, what if a random player is "possessed" at the beginning of the game? But no one knows who it is. Then when the daemon fight starts, they begin killing their friends. This way they were selected by the game, so it doesn't feel as "evil" of a choice for the player, but instead they are accepting what they have to do now. Maybe they pretend to fight the daemon, but when they are in close and attacking, it is really doing damage to the friends. Then this becomes a much more complex game, where you have to "hide" that you are the evil one.


-Another fun idea could be that everyone can attack everyone. Its every man for themselves, and only one person can get the treasure after the daemon is killed. This would make it very high stakes!



-The healer might not be useful as an evil daemon, because their best attribute is healing others, but now they are fighting the friends. Yes they can heal themselves, but I think maybe they need some other benefit for balance.


- The barbarian seems overpowered, fast, middle health, and circle attack. In my head (who knows IRL), would seem more balanced if the archer or healer were fastest. Barbarian should maybe be middle speed. Especially if archer is only shooting single arrows, that can be hard to aim, and if he is low health and middle speed, he sounds like one of the weakest. Healer definitely needs some magic attack power, or maybe their healing takes hp from the others? So it's also an attack?


-Is this a top down game?


I really like your ideas!


I am an artist and graphic designer, looking to get into game art and game design. Let me know if I can contribute in anyway.

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