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Swapping drag targets at runtime: drag parent of a dragged object when over a certain threshold


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I've got a situation as the below:




two tiles (red) are contained within a larger one (blue). All tiles are sprites, and the red ones are children of the blue one. I want to be able to drag the tiles individually (ie. so I can drag 6 on 4), but if I drag one of them outside of the blue rectangle, I want the drag target, to become the larger, blue tile (containing the smaller ones). 


I made much of this work, I deactivate input on the blue tile, so that its red children, with input on,  can be dragged , I detect when a red tile is dragged outside of the blue tile's hit area. My problem now, is, I don't know how to make phaser change the currently dragged item from a red tile, to the big blue one. 


I've tried a bunch of hacks, eventually got it half working with calling stop() and start() by hand on game.input.activePointer , but unsurprisingly that does not go well with touch input, and looks in general as a terrible way of doing that.


Would anyone have a better idea on how to do this?




(here is a snippet of horrible code, showing the current solution, which happens in the update loop of the red tiles)

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