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TTF Font not loaded properly


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I have posted it in my other thread, but it seems better to add it in new Thread, because the latter is already answered.


I have tried using fontface for .ttf file.


However strange things occured. Somehow, the font is not loaded (thus using default font) when the first time I use it. However, when I restart the game state (using Game.state.play('current_state')), the font works.


Setting the text manually using font.text = 'my_string' also fixed this problem.


My guess is, the cause for that is because the font hasn't finished loaded when phaser object created.

This is more confusing because I create phaser object at window.onload event (so, it will fired after all resources load finished).

Even more so, I go through Boot State and Preloader State before going into Play State.


Can anyone give me insight on that?

What might cause this behavior


Thank you.

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I'm not sure to be totally honest, window.onload should fire when the DOM is ready AND all images, scripts and so on are loaded (which can take a long time) but I guess there has to be a line drawn regarding what exactly is counted, as potentially a webpage could never stop loading with XHR, scripts dynamically including stuff and so on.

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