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Is it possible to cap the render frame rate to 50 fps ?


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in the dev branch i found this new feature to cap the physics update rate (desiredFPS)  very useful..  50fps for example are definitely enough for me - 40fps would still do it .. i would have to adjust my game environment a little bit but thats it..   


if 40fps is enough for my physics calculations why waste another 20fps on rendering the whole thing? as far as i understand with a framerate of 60fps all my scripting stuff has something around 16ms to do everything..


with 30fps it would be 32ms ..  this would definitely avoid lags so im curious..  please correct me if i'm wrong !



how could i limit the maximum rendered frames in phaser/pixi ? 

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now this issue became even more important to me..  i am moving some of my objects 10px every frame..


 if the gamer has a 100hz display the game would probably run at 100fps ..   and therfore close to twice as fast...  i could bind the movement to a specific time frame but if there was a way to just say to phaser..  "don't you ever render more than 60fps"   it would be nice.  is there a way ???

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