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Check collision of tile while on top


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Hello everybody.


In the process of experimenting with Phaser I startet to write code, which will implement "ladder functionality". Ladders out of platformers.

I got it working to the point, where If the play is on the ladder tile and presses up, the velocity changes. BUT, the player sprite is being rendered behind the actual ladder. How can I change this?


Here is a screenshot of it in game: Screenshot_11262014_10_54_21_PM.png


I would like the sprite to be on top of the ladder.




I am using the latest stable version of Phaser.

I really appericiate any help anyone can give me.


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Sorry for the late reply.


Glad it solved your problem :). About your grass issue, I did some googling and found out the sprite object has a method to bring it to the top of the display list. Not sure if this will solve your issue as I haven't used this myself. Here is the documentation for the method http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Sprite.html#bringToTop

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