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Phaser outputing to server text file


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I'm currently creating a small game in Phaser that I want to send time data saved to a textfile whenever a certain function is called.

//  Writes the current time to a new line in the output.txt text filefunction recordTime() {{  //File Output code goes here }        

What is the best way of doing this with phaser and javascript?

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Ok after a bit of fiddling I managed to get it working I think

    //File data test    var data = new FormData();    data.append("data" , logevent + " at " + Date() + "\n");    var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();    xhr.open( 'post', '/output/php/filetest.php', true );    xhr.send(data);

I use a XML http request to send the log data to a simple php script that appends the data to the log file.


Php script:

<!DOCTYPE html><?php   if(!empty($_POST['data'])){      $data = $_POST['data'];      $fname = "upload\log.txt";      //appends to the log file and makes sure it can't be written by two programs at once      file_put_contents($fname, $data, FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);    }?>
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