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how to use an image to fill an area


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I'm new with phaser and i'm looking some stuff on internet and some tutorials and i can't find a way to take a image ( width 13px and height 400px) and fill an area of 400px*400px. I only want to use 1px of the middle to fill the middle of the area, the sides of the image and the area stay the same.


what should I do?


Thankx in advance.

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thanks you! lewster32, I've resolved this problem by using bimapdata.


there are the codes(now I'm filling an area of 830px*462px):


        var bmd = this.make.bitmapData(830,462);
        bmd.addToWorld(540, 340, 0.5, 0.52);
        var left_area = new Phaser.Rectangle(0, 0, 6, 462);
        var middle_area = new Phaser.Rectangle(6, 0, 1, 462);
        var right_area = new Phaser.Rectangle(7, 0, 6, 462);
        bmd.copyRect('bg_board_6_1_6', left_area, 0, 0);
        bmd.copyRect('bg_board_6_1_6', right_area, 824, 0);
        for(var i = 6; i < 824 ; i++) {
            bmd.copyRect('bg_board_6_1_6', middle_area, i, 0);
but its preformance seems not very good;
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