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Using SRTM(Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data

Aswin Shrestha

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Has anyone worked on the SRTM data for Babylonjs?


I wanted to use the SRTM data (GeoTiff) to render terrains in Babylonjs. What I feel should be done is, using the given .tiff/ASCII files to generate the bump maps for the terrain. But, I'm not so sure if that's how it should be used.

So, if anyone here can give me a heads up on this, it would be very grateful.



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I don't know what is SRTM, but if it's based on textures like http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/ then BabylonJS is not able (today) to create normal maps on the fly. You can implement it by following a tutorial (you can take a look in Irrlicht 3D engine ( driver->makeTextureNormalMapped() ) to see how the algorithm looks like :)

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You can find the Irrlicht implementation here : http://sourceforge.net/p/irrlicht/code/HEAD/tree/branches/releases/1.8/source/Irrlicht/CNullDriver.cpp#l1127


If you make it work, don't hesitate to implement it directly into BabylonJS, it would be AWESOME =D

Also don't hesitate if you encounter problems during the implementation :)

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