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Destroying Sounds


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I want to play a sound everytime an enemy dies in my game. As far as I have studied the documentation and the code, an added sound is not destroyed when it is finished playing. Therefore I want to destroy the sound myself after it has finished. To do this I am adding a listener to the "onStop" event of a sound. But everytime a sound gets destroyed I get the following error message: 

 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

My code:

function preload() {   game.load.audio('explosion', 'audio/explosion.wav');}/** Callback function for collision**/function monsterCollision(){   ...   var expl = game.add.audio('explosion', 0.1, false);   expl.play();   expl.onStop.add(function(){ expl.destroy(); }, game);   ...}

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Hmmmm. Ok, I havent played around too much with multiple sounds firing at once. Perhaps create a pool of say 3 sound objects for your one unique collision sound.

Then just do a check on sound1.isPlaying, and if the first is playing, check the second one, second one playing, check the third.

I dont know the context of your game but if they are fairly short sounds having a pool of 3 or so should be sufficient.

A person probably can't distinguish the difference once a few are playing.


Alternatively, what if you just stop and restart the sound if its playing - will depend on the sound effect itself, but that might work ok or better than overlapping sounds.

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