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Koding Global Hackathon

Pedro Henrique

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Guys I'm very newbie to both games as the use of phaser and a week ago, I participated in a global hackaton promoted by koding.com.

It was then that I decided to use phaser.io to develop my project within 47 hours, finally the project concept has been developing much more than I expected and ended up creating a game where you are a magician with the can of javascript, the various bugs and still a lot to better (always = S), but the idea of the project itself works and assured us that job next step where the vote of the public is necessary.

Vote in our project and deem the opinions it would be cool to be added, as I plan to take you well beyond that :).



The project is open source and intend to kill him as well, but for now I think I can not post here the link to the repository because the hackathon rules, but as soon as I add the finishing link in this post :)



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