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How to send htpasswd credential when using PIXI.Texture.fromImage


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Hello there,


I'm currently using PIXI on a project ( as often because it's my favorite canvas framework ) and I have a little problem.

I'm must work on a staging server protected by an htaccess login system ( BASIC AUTH ).


When I try to load a texture with PIXI.Texture.fromImage() method, my calls returns a 401 (Authorization Required) HTTP error.

But only on Chrome ( I'm running the version 39.0.2171.95 - 64 bits - Mac OSX ).


If I try to load an image on the Chrome console after filling my auth data and load the page like that :

var i = new Image();i.src="http://mypath/pict.jpg"

It works. If I look at the call that Chrome does, in the request header I see an "Authorization" parameter :

Authorization:Basic Y3JlYWt0a...

That parameter is not in the header of the request generated by PIXI.
Is there a way to pass auth data to PIXI ?

Thanks. :)

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