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Random Generate along X Axis


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Hey All,


I recently started playing with Phaser to make a small christmas game. I'm completely new to this and my game comprises of multiple snippets taken from here and there. 


It's basically a side scroller where santa drops presents in to chimneys. I have the houses starting from the right to left they are created on a timer 

game.time.events.loop(1500, addRowOfHouses, this); 

The addRowOfHouses function is below ( this code was taken from a flappy bird clone )

function addOneHouse(x,y) {      var house = houses.getFirstDead();    house.reset(x, y);    house.body.velocity.x = -200;     house.checkWorldBounds = true;    house.outOfBoundsKill = true;} function addRowOfHouses() {      var houseSpacing = Math.floor(Math.random() * 5) + 1;    for (var i = 0; i < 1; i++)        if (i != houseSpacing && i != houseSpacing + 1)            addOneHouse(790, i * 1 + 400);        }

The code makes a house every 1.5 seconds, so it is continuous. I wanted to change this to have it randomly create them between every 0.8 - 1.5 seconds. I thought I could do this using Math.random in the timer but that didn't work.


I actually think the method I'm using to generate the houses is probably wrong ( having two functions - addOneHouse and addRowOfHouses ) or at least not the best way to do it, perhaps there's a simpler way to do it.


If anyone has a suggestion or any help that would be much appreciated.



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Maybe try something like this


in the update

if (this.game.time.now > createHouseTime){     createHouse();     createHouseTime = (this.game.time.now + Phaser.RandomDataGenerator.between(800,1500));}

Phaser has a handy-dandy random number generator in it, and I'm not 100% sure that syntax is correct, so you may want to check it (or just use Math.random)



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