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Advice for creating dynamic path based motion


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Hi everyone,


As the title says I need some advice on how to create dynamic motion. Actually I'd like to create something like this game : http://jointhepod.org/assets/games/AtoB/index.html


I already have a system that draw a doted line based on the user input :

When the mouse is pressed, I record and store all mouse position if the distance with the previous point if greater than K pixels. 


When the mouse is released I want my character to follow the path the user just drew. I actually to :

var t = game.add.tween(mainChar);for(var i=0; i<points.length;i++){   t.to(points[i], 120, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None);}t.start();

Where points is an array of Point objects.


The problem is the motion of the sprite is not smooth, quite obvious since I chained the tweens, and I 'm wondering if there is / are clever way(s) to achieve the expected result.





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