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Fullscreen issue


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I am having some issues around going into full screen on chrome.


I am forcing the browser into fullscreen before creating the element to contain the game. This leaves the game game stuck in top left of the screen with no scalling. If I manually update the canvas elements width, and height, it will draw it at the new size, but as soon as I interact with the game again, the canvas will automatically resize to the unscaled size.


I am using Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL as the scaleMode, but it doesn't seem to matter which scaleMode I am using.


If I have the app running without forcing it in to fullscreen before launching it resizing the window correctly updates the canvas size, and going into fullscreen mode works as expected.


However I have found a way to reproduce this while the game is running.


If I star the app.

Press f11 set chrome to fullscreen mode.

Then click a button to call game.scale.startFullScreen, to set up the canvas a fullscreen element.

Then escape to close the fullscreen element.


I am left in the same situation, where the canvas wont scale.


Any ideas on how I could deal with this? It seems to be a chrome problem, possibly reporting some dimensions incorrectly, as IE, and firefox seem to work correctly.



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