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Cannot figure out what Sprite Input size (i.e. sprite bounds) is determined by


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You'd think sprite bounds would be determined by the size of the sprite cut out from the image file in the frame definition: 


"filename": "0",
"frame": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":64,"h":64},
"rotated": false,
"trimmed": true,
"spriteSourceSize": {"x":20,"y":20,"w":30,"h":40},
"sourceSize": {"w":64,"h":64}
But when I change the w and h to 32, in both frame and sourceSize the sprite bounds remains the same ... 64 x 64. I even do a control-f search in all my files for "64." It turns up nothing, but somehow the spire input size is still 64 x 64. I can tell this from:
game.debug.spriteInputInfo(sprite, 100, 400, '#000');
Is there something I'm missing here? How could phaser come up with 64x64?  
And if the sprite bounds is determined by the image, does that mean it's impossible for me to have padding in the image since that padding will show up in the sprite bounds (which can't be changed)?
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