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Graphics element stopping by itself?


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Hello guys,


I am fairly new to Phaser.js and in order to learn, I decided to make a clone of "Tiles (Dont touch the white tiles)" app. I finished the code that makes the tiles appear and move down but realized

that something was odd.


The tiles on the left column would move a little bit up when the approached the bottom part of the world. Like this:




See how that bottom left tile just moved some pixels to the top? It keeps moving down, but it stopped for a couple of milliseconds.


NOTE: I slowed down the spawn rate so that there is a gap in between each row which makes it easier to see this issue.


Here is a live example: http://alexkvazos.me/games/Tiles/

The code is all in here: http://alexkvazos.me/games/Tiles/game.js


Just wait for a white tile to appear on the left column and see how it slows down when it is near the end.


If anyone can help me debug this issue, I will really appreciate it,





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