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Content scale factor with retina/non-retina texture atlas


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Is it possible to load either retina and non-retina atlas (as required) with pixi.js then using a viewport for a set size (lets say for example at the size of the retina atlas is what our positioning is based upon) be able to position the sprites for each of these atlas resolutions without having to manually multiply all values by a ratio so they use the correct position and size values for the DisplayObjects. 


Trying this out of course :)  I loaded the retina atlas and then tried loading the non-retina atlas the problem is that the width and height properties are always based on the frame size from the frame in the texture so meaning that these values are not scaled by a content scale factor to normalise them so they vary dependent on the resolution of the atlas which is not normal to expect with cross platform development.


Let me know if you've found a solution to work with this common requirement for building games with pixi.js

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