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Hi Folks,


1.) I have the following problem(s) with this tutorial: When I play sample in the original, online, everything works. Now I have downloaded the zip folder and when I try to play it with my XAMPP on USB-Stick, the character comes only up to the yellow trees, then the background and Char remain fixed, only the cups move, scroll down. (Happens in Firefox and Chrome).

2.) the way I try the following: I want to throw out all unnecessary code and ONLY control the character, to learn. Means: Creating Court (no problem) and image (Char) load and only move the char. To understand and experiment. I have not really reached so far.


3.) It would be interesting for me as well as I, instead of the arrow keys, or in addition to other actions, other buttons like A, S, W, X can use to control! For the purposes of: if Key IsDown ... -> ... [ASCII], or something. Is there somewhere a reference / description on this?

Otherwise, it will start to be fun to experiment with Phaser. I only need a few more basic things such as points 1-3, then I could imagine a game otherwise soon. I am allready working on the graphics ^^

I hope someone can give me hints to my questions

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