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Add support VR with Oculus or Google Cardboard


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think about it twice :) You're talking about devices to look into 3D spaces. Phaser/PIXI is a 2D environment. You have no real space nor depth information for your objects- you could only fake it with the displayobject depth order like in the old actionscript times. Besides this PIXI is missing a second camera feature. You can't instantiate a second camera like it's possible in threejs (which is the 3d library used for most of the web based VR examples). I think there is no easy solution to create this feature in Phaser/PIXI.


Do you already own a google cardboard and want to try it with Phaser? The easiest parameter to read might be the device orientation. With this you could control your game movement with your head.


Have fun!
Regards George

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