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How to use downloaded sprite sheet?


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Newbie here. I don't even know if I am using terminology right. But hopefully you will correct and understand me right.

So I want to use this art from OpenGameArt for my first platformer game:http://opengameart.org/content/updated-generic-platformer-tiles

Different sprites there are already compiled into one png.

What I want is to make a json file with names and coordinates for each sprite to use with SpriteSheetLoader.

Doing it manually would probably be too long.

I've tried TexturePacker but it seems it is only accepting separate image files which it then compiles to one and doesn't have an option to load a precompiled sprite sheet to select and name sprites inside it.

The thing is that I can't have predefined maps in my game so I can't use Tiled to make levels. Instead, I want a collection of sprites to use for level generation.

Thank you.

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