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Trapped within my bounding box


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I created a scene in blender and in it I have  three basic objects: a dresser and a lamp. To save memory I de-activated the test collision property for both of them and created a box called collider. I am using this box as the main collider for both items and placed them inside. I then clicked on the check collision property for the box. The problem is that when I test my scene in babylon sandbox the camera, for whatever reason, gets stuck within the bounding box. 


Its as if the collider does not detect the camera collider until the camera has entered the box. Then I cannot leave the bounding box. I am so lost can anyone help?

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Thank you for everyone who posted. I figured out what the problem is. The issue was that the object (in this case, the bounding box) had all of its sides inside out! What I needed to do was flip the normals of the bounding box and that helped. This site helped me understand that: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?106074-how-do-i-reverse-normals

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