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touchover event


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Has anyone had any experience with firing a function between touchstart and touchend when you "touchover" a sprite similar to how mouseover would work?


Is there a way that I can get a sprite by location (can I write a function that will return a list of object that (200, 200) would touch)? If this is possible I feel I could write something for "touchover".


Any tips to get started with this would help I'm at a loss and am running out of avenues to try. 

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You want to use onTouchMove and on every call, get what sprite is under your finger, is that correct ?

You can try to set a touchmove event on a display object container where you have your sprites, and then call the following method :


* Tests if the current mouse coordinates hit a sprite


* @method hitTest

* @param item {DisplayObject} The displayObject to test for a hit

* @param interactionData {InteractionData} The interactionData object to update in the case there is a hit

* @private


PIXI.InteractionManager.prototype.hitTest = function(item, interactionData)


I would recommend to not use hitTest at every touchmove call, as I fear the performances would be bad. Put some kind of limit.

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