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How to set wrapS/wrapT on a glTexture?


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Hi there!


I'm trying to set the wrap mode on a gl texture for horizontal and vertical directions separately, one to wrap, the other to clamp. My research into the PIXI source has led me to believe that this should be possible to initially set up by specifying a textureData object within the sampler2d uniform containing the texture - but I can't seem to find where to do that and how... Also, looking at the WebGLRenderer's updateTexture code, it looks like the texture will only ever have both directions set to the same value, based on the _powerOf2 attribute of the baseTexture.... 


It certainly LOOKS like I would have to overwrite the standard WebGLRenderer code with my own version (that, for example, would look at another property I could add to the texture and set the texture wrap modes base on that). But I'd really rather not do that, if only to keep future updates as pain free as possible... 


Do you have an idea what to do?



Thank you!

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