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Missing if in rendering manager ?


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Hi all,


I'm playing with sprites and experiencing strange behavior with shadows.

After a quick look in code I've found this in rendering manager :




It seems it lacks a "if (renderSprites) {" arround it.


I'll try to confirm this this evening when I'll have time for real tests  :)



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ok I confirm ;)

Here is a quick and dirty test :




If you zoom back and move the camera you should see the sprites "shadow" effect on the sphere shadow. I assume this not the expected behavior cause you have "this.renderSprites = false;" by default in renderTargetTexture class.


Now if you uncomment the renderManager updated fonction you should have the correct behavior : no more sprite shadows.


The correction is simply to add the "if(renderSprites) {". Without this line, this boolean is not used...


I hope I am clear enough :)

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