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Chrome rendering error on unsmoothed sprites


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Hello friends. I have Chrome troubles, Chrome troubles and woes. Actually it's not affecting me currently but it's been bothering me back in the back of my mind. I noticed that if I turn off smoothing in Phaser, Chrome will do wacky things with sprites whose positions are near to a half-pixel value (it seems to happen if the fractional part of the position is between .45 and .55, for me).


I made a little test, placing one sprite at 370 pixels and one sprite at 370.5 pixels and turning off smoothing. In FF and IE they look identical for me, but in Chrome the difference is notable:




Here is the code in my Game.create function used to set this up:

this.lady = this.add.sprite(370, 20, 'lady');this.lady2 = this.add.sprite(370.5, 170, 'lady');Phaser.Canvas.setSmoothingEnabled(game.context, false);

And here is a link to the test page where you can see for yourself: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24065421/SmoothingTest/index.html


I've two questions then!

1) Do other people see the same thing I see? That is, two ordinary umangled sprites in Firefox and IE, and the bottom sprite gone all wonky in Chrome?

2) Is there anything I can tweak in the smoothing settings to make Chrome render this properly?

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