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How much should a creative writer ask for their script?


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I'm making a 2d HTML 5 arcade game.  Think of Street Fighter mixed in with a kid fun viewtiful joe mix.  I would like there to be a comic book type of script for the video game.  How much would it generally cost to have someone write the script?  We're not looking for a professional script writer, the only qualifications is the person must have at least a degree in creative writing and be passionate about video games and writing in general. 


Our ideal candidate would be passionate about video games, comic books, have written at least 1-2 scripts, or comic books in their lifetime and really be excited on writing a script for a video game for kids that takes on a viewtiful joe/street fighter type of role.


Any helps and guidance is surely appreciated in advance!!! =) 


We're not sure if you pay for the entire script, pay hourly, pay per word, pay per word per minute, or pay per Act.  Any light on this would allow us to treat the write we would like to collaborate with in the future with the up most respect and make it feel they're getting the most out of the work that they love to do, and we're getting the best bang for our buck!!! =) 


Thank you,

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You can go pretty cheap if you find it morally acceptable.

There are LOTS of writers out there who would love to see their material in action.


I wasted some time on http://www.simplyscripts.com/ browsing trough the available material. There are plenty of similar communities.


For small projects the act of casting/reviewing materials might be more expensive than just paying someone to write a good script.

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