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Scaling a whole group


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Hi there,


Basically I have a group: 


 this.walls = game.add.group();


And I add a LOT of walls, but each time I do I need to scale them like so:


 this.wall1 = this.add.sprite(positionx,positiony, 'wall', 0, this.walls);
                    this.wall2 = this.add.sprite(x,y, 'wall', 0, this.walls);
                    this.wall3 = this.add.sprite(x,y, 'wall', 0, this.walls);
                    this.wall4 = this.add.sprite(x,y, 'wall', 0, this.walls);
                    this.wall1.width = this.wall1.width*scale;
                    this.wall1.height = this.wall1.height*scale;
                    this.wall2.width = this.wall2.width*scale;
                    this.wall2.height = this.wall2.height*scale;
                    this.wall3.width = this.wall3.width*scale;
                    this.wall3.height = this.wall3.height*scale;
                    this.wall4.width = this.wall4.width*scale;
                    this.wall4.height = this.wall4.height*scale;
Is there a way I can scale the whole group in one?
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You're saying you want to scale each element but not the distances between them? You'll have to resize each one individually, but you can do this with forEachAlive:

create: function(){  this.walls = game.add.group();  //(...)  //add walls to group...  //(...)  this.walls.forEachAlive(this.resizeWall, this);},resizeWall: function(member) {  member.scale.set(scale)}

This will cycle through all the elements of the group and resize them individually. Just remember that they're resized around the anchor point, so you might want to change that.

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