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vColor over textures

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Hi - I just ran across BJS today but it's great fun so far!


My question is, how can I get vertex colors to show up even when a material has a (diffuse) texture?


After poking around I'm guessing this could be done with a custom shader, by multiplying by 'vColor' after the texture is sampled. I couldn't get this to work in CYOS though - I tried added color data to the scene's mesh but 'vColor' didn't get passed into the shader.


Is this the right way to go about this, or is there an easy way built into the engine?


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By default StandardMaterial supports vertex color:)

Just let Babylon.js knows that you want it: mesh.useVertexColors = true


Thanks, but is this intended to work even when there's a diffuse texture?


I'm testing in the "Material Editor" demo, after applying vertex colors and verifying that 'useVertexColors' is true, and can't get the vertex colors to show up if there's a diffuse texture enabled. (They show up with emissive or ambient textures, just not diffuse.)


Edit: graphics to show what I mean:



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Actually you're right but you can then use the ambient channel


Yes, as I mentioned I noticed that, and I will try it out. (The motivation here is to simulate AO by baking occlusion into the vertex colors.)


Just to finish with my question though, would it also be possible to get vertex colors over the diffuse texture by using a custom shader that multiplied the texture by vColor?

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