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options.resolution and BitmapText


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I'm using the options.resolution feature to get retina support in the game I'm working on. It seems to break the layout of BitmapText though. Is this a known issue? I'm loading a different different font + xml pair for each resolution, but thinking about it the placing of characters would need to be always handled at @1x resolution to work with the pixi resolution feature. Or the BitmapText.updateText function would have to divide each character kerning value by the renderer.resolution, which it doesn't.


I seem to have encountered similar issues with the InteractionManager, since widths and heights need to be divided by the resolution but aren't, everything ends up with double sized hit areas @2x. I've worked around this by assigning custom hit areas but it would be nice not to have to do this.


Am I missing something, or should I file a bug on github?

Maybe this is all fixed in Pixi 3.0, but this particular project needs to stick with v2.3

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