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calling scene.render outside of runRenderLoop

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Is there an way to (safely) manually control the timing of render calls, instead of leaving them to engine.runRenderLoop?

If I just call scene.render() directly, random bugs occur - for example, camera movement controls stop working. Apparently this is because engine.getDeltaTime() returns 0, so I'd imagine that physics and animations would break too.


Is there a safe way to do this, or is runRenderLoop mandatory?

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Hey :)

For what use do you want to render a scene outside of runRenderLoop ?


Delta time is computed in engine.beginFrame() -> _measureFps(), it means that if you need to be synchronized with animations etc you must render your scene (if animations) between beginFrame() and endFrame() in the engine using renderLoops.


You can try to set the deltaTime using engine.deltaTime = my_value ?

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Thanks! :D


Ok, if there's no "official" way then I'll try manually calling beginFrame and endFrame, and see if anything breaks. Seems to work so far, anyway.


As for why I'm doing it, essentially I'm trying to use BJS as a dependency, in code I was already working on that managed its own render loop. So I'm trying to avoid having the higher-level loop getting called by the lower one.

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