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Node.JS + Phaser


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I want to run my multiplayer game on the server, in order to check for cheaters and keep everything in sync.


My game will be a 1v1 game (think of pong), so I will have to run an instance of the game for each match between two players. I was thinking about running each match in a separate thread (worker). Is that the correct approach? Should I otherwise instantiate a new Node.js instance for each match?


And, as a side question, how can I run Phaser on the server (no rendering, maximum performance, fixed time steps) ?

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You might be able to get away with trying to build a native app for the server using node-webkit project however as i understand phaser MUST be running inside of a browser so plain ol node build would not work.  If all you need to do is verify collisions i would suggest trying to only run physics on the server (which would save lots of resources)  by using a physics engine such as p4.

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