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You are my savior :)

I didn't understand the npm install had to run in this directory.

It's not that clear for a gulp newbee like me (or am I not that smart ?...or both ?) :lol:

Maybe should it be mentioned more accurately in the doc ?

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:) from idol to savior... Not sure what's better thou!


glad it's working. package.json is a node.js/npm file that includes (among other things) the local dependencies needed for the application. It also states:

"(Paths in this file are relative to this file location.)"

But I agree, it could be more clear for people with no node.js experience.

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Yep I read this statement, but I couldn't understand it concerned the path written in the github header. It's my fault.


I used node.js so far just for small websocket development from scratch and wasn't really concerned by npm packages and dependencies.

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