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Can anyone help me with this part of the game. Need a sprite to free fall after a button is pressed.


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  This is a group of sprites , I want the num1 sprite to free fall from the ship when The spacebar is pressed.
ufo = game.add.group();
    xray = ufo.create(732, 210, 'xray');
    ship = ufo.create(700, 175, 'sprite');
    num1 = ufo.create(718, 290, 'number1');
else if (dropButton.isDown)
//Move down
num1.body.velocity.y = 900;

When the drop button is pressed the sprite moves down the screen and is still connected to the ship. But what I want is for the sprite to free fall. Is there any documentation I can look at regarding this? Any working examples of a sprite in free fall after a button event?

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