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Pre-rendered graphic elements?


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Greetings! I'm new to phaser.

I am trying to figure out how to port a game made in my own engine. I made frequent use of static backgrounds/foregrounds made up of loads of graphic elements such as linear and radial gradient rectangles and circles. These where pre-rendered once onto two off-screen canvases that later was drawn onto the main canvas in the render loop.


I'm sure this is not an optimal setup, but it's a lightweight game. Runs great on the homebrewn engine cross platforms, so I can't imagine it would do worse with phaser. :)


What would be the best way to mimic this setup for webGL compatability, without having to recreate the graphics with images? I've browsed some zombie-threads about RenderTexture and BitmapData, but i'm still somewhat lost. Would appreciate your input.

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