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Textures not working


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Hey, I am new to Babylon.js. I began by making a cube with a solid diffuse color. I wanted to add my own texture to it, but nothing I did worked: it just showed my background color for the scene. I went to the example 04 on the Babylon.js playground for Materials and could not find anything that I was doing wrong. I decided to download the zip file of that particular section locally and see if there was a problem with my HTML. I still couldn't find anything. I then ran the sample program and none of its textures showed up either. I can't fathom how the same file would work on the playground, but not stored locally...


Please help me with this, it would be much appreciated.

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Hi and welcome :-)

I think I answered another question of yours, did you manage to get this problem solved?

If it's working online but not locally, I would check the local server serving the files. Maybe you get a 404, maybe you are serving from the wrong directory... Maybe someone else has a better idea?

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Welcome to BJS. :)


If you're receiving a 404 error in the console, it could be any # of issues.  However, most likely you are not refreshing your browser after changing or posting new files.  On a 404 error, always hit the refresh button in your browser to be certain you're not viewing cached files - as even a newly launched browser will use cached files and not load any changes until you hit the refresh button (you can set your browser to refresh on launch if you choose, but this is not set by default on most browsers.)  If you're still having problems following pressing refresh, try and post your example here.





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