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Interesting discovery: anchor vs pivot


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I'm not sure if this has been brought up before...


This morning I discovered some 'tearing' in my images. A visible warping across the images which looks like it's related to WebGL breaking the image into triangles and not lining them up properly:




- The image has the smoothed property set to false, in order to get a crisp, unscaled look.

- It's not being scaled either by Phaser or the Canvas.

- The image above has anchor set to 0.5 on x, ie. myImage.anchor.set(0.5, 0);


This struck me has a 'half-pixel' kind of problem, so I made sure x,y coords were rounded off but it didn't help.


But then I tried the PIXI pivot property:


myImage.pivot.set(Math.round(myImage.width * 0.5), 0);


And this solved the problem... I don't know what's happening internally to make this work, but I just wanted to share this fix!


btw running Phaser 2.2.2, PIXI 2.2.0, WebGL




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