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Physics: stopping a moving sprite without an x/y destination


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In my game I'm stopping sprites that are moving in the normal way, or at least the most common method I've read about here on the forums. In the update function, when a sprite reaches its location, stop its velocity by setting x/y to 0. This works just fine but only if you know exactly where the sprite will end up (or a close proximity to that). 


What I've been considering is a more exact approach. Has anyone ever tried something like this:


* move sprite to a location

* calculate the number of pixels (approximately) the sprite would have to travel across to reach that destination. 

* in the update function, if the sprite has traveled x number of pixels, stop it. 



This as opposed to stopping it when it reaches a certain x/y. The advantage of this would be that if the sprite misses the x/y, it will still stop near the original destination. So in short: stopping it when it travels a certain number of pixels as opposed to stopping it when it is located at a certain x/y (the destination). 


Has anyone tried this? any thoughts on how to implement it?


I guess I've had a lot of trouble with stopping sprites that are moving. I'm looking to explore other ways to stop movement as there is nothing built-in to phaser to do so. 

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I've had great success with the following method (summarized):


- calculate the time it will take based on the distance the sprite is moving and the speed

- when the time has elapsed, stop the sprite


This seems to work a lot better than stopping the sprite when it reaches a certain x/y. If you have a separation function, or pathfinding, for example, the sprite might be slightly off its original trajectory. The timer eliminates those complications. 

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