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Any way to differentiate between Mouse vs Touch?


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I have just an image that follows the mouse basically and at the end of the process I forgot that touch devices do not always generate mouseMoves.  MouseMoves only happen when the pointer is active. 


I am sure there is logic in there and a re-write. 


However! Just checking, is there any way to do this?

if (this is not a mouse){    //remove from display list}


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Man I was looking on the Phaser.Input class!


This will suit perfectly for my needs thanks.


Just one question though as it will bug me. What happens in the case of a Microsoft Surface for example? Where I guess there could be a mouse plugged in or a touch screen? Maybe this is a question by itself but throwing it out there before marking it solved. Not sure if these are desktops or not and I guess support touch but also could have a mouse too.


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