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Creating RenderTexture from TileMapLayer


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Hi all!


I've successfully created a scrolling TileMap using Phaser, but now I want to also show a minimap of the entire layer in the bottom right corner; I looked around and tried the following based on what info I could find about doing so:

minimap = game.add.renderTexture(210, 140, 'minimap');            minimap.renderXY(layer, 0, 0, true);            minimapSprite = game.add.sprite(1000, 510, minimap);            minimapSprite.bringToTop();

However, no minimap is rendering; any idea why? Thanks so much!




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did you fix this? it's an old post...


you're not scaling it.. it might just be off screen... just because the renderTexture is small, I don't think means rendering a larger object to it will shrink it to fit.

have a look at my example
i'd like to see what you did if you got it working.
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