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multiple NPC doing a coordinated action


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Forgive the title if it's confusing but let me elaborate here.



Say, I have a part of the game where there are multiple characters (NPC) doing some action  :


there are 3 NPCs in the stage.  2 are together and 1 is far from them.  then they act like the 2 are chasing the lone NPC.    i can do that no problem with some algorithm, but the problem is when the 2 already chased the lone npc and then they do a fight scene.   how do i do that fight scene?  do i have to create a single spritesheet or something that contains all 3 of them doing the fight scene? 


is this even possible with Phaser at the moment?


The player will be on another part of the stage and doing something else and these NPCs are sort of like background to the game.



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