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Phaser print issue with drawGroup


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Hi all


I have got an issue on printing my canvas.

My web application is a simple tool to build "drawings" with backgrounds and items.

Each item can be turned (rotate) and scaled separately. 


When I try to print the canvas, it appears that some of the positions and properties of each items are not kept.

My javascript code for printing is simple : 

// currengBg is the backgroundvar bmd = game.add.bitmapData(currentBg.width, currentBg.height);// frameSprite is my group of itemsbmd.drawGroup(frameSprite,0,0);var bmdCanvas = bmd.canvas;var bmdDataUrl = bmdCanvas.toDataURL();// function that open a news window for printingprintCanvas(bmdDataUrl);

Here is the result (see attached file) :

- on the left, you can see my canvas + background and sprites

- on the right, result of drawGroup + toDataUrl() function (which is opened in a new window)


Edit :

I'm giving some details to understand the context. 

- rotate and scale are applied to items, relative to my html document

- while drawGroup "translates" rotation and scale relative to the game world 

Am i understanding correctly the phaser drawGroup() function ?


Please does anyone faced this problem ?




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I have digged into phaser code


So it happens to the copy method in BitmapData, but I can't see anything special there

the scaling is done before de rotation, so I guess it should be copied correctly

Then everything is sent to the javascript drawImage function. 

I guess this is how the draw image handles rotation that cause the problem.

Maybe there coule be a trick so that we sort of "freeze" the changes on the sprite before so that even the transformations on the sprite become the default scale and rotation... just an idea

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