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Normal Mapping example is a bit green


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New Pixi.js adept here. I apologise in advance if this topic was already posted somewhere, but I couldn't find anything causing green normal maps...


Since I am still not sure if I want to go full 3D or "2.5D" way with sprites + normal mapping + lights... I started experimenting with pixi and this example below, as it does what I want:



Unfortunately, I didn't go too far. In fact I eventually fallen back to the simpliest possible thing: copy entire source of the example, along with its assets, and fire it up in local webserver. This is what I got:




Sooo, the shader - in fact - works. These yellow dots are "thumbtacks" from original texture and they seem processed when I move the cursor. The problem is that green circular light everywhere. Where it ends, I guess, is where the light radius ends.


I won't post any code because this is literally entire example file copypasted. I didn't even change paths just to be sure nothing was was interfering...


Any idea?


Sorry if this is something trivial and thanks in advance for support!


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