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ipad compatibility


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I'm just accessing the babylonjs.com page via the latest ipad mini and noticed that the soldier animations don't load on both the instanced bones example and also the bones example.

Just curious as to what would be causing this as I have created an animation using the same example (but with a different model with approx 10k verts) its not not working for me either. I haven't looked at all of the tests but things like the skull and volumetric lightning work and the rabbits also work (with their shadows) on the bones example.

Are there any vertices limitations with the ipad? if not, what could be causing it to not display?
Also note that with the instanced bones the soldiers are not visual but the frame rate alternates between 50-60 frames per second.  

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Is there a number of limitations to the bones? the rabbits seem to work with their bones but not the soldiers. If I know a number I maybe able to remove some of the bones from my model to make it work on ipad. Or I could break the model up into limbs and animate each limb separately but don't want to start tearing model apart unless I know what the limitations are so I can tear him apart correctly. 

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